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Grizzly Salmon Oil Dog Supplement


Grizzly Salmon Oil supplies a daily supplement rich in EPA and DHA – the right omega-3 fatty acids.

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As dogs and cats age, they face increased risk of heart problems, stiffening joints and loss of zest and vigor.

These health risks may be reduced by a diet consistently supplemented with readily accessible, long chain omega-3 fatty acids found only in cold water fish oils like e.g. Grizzly Salmon Oil. These omega-3 fatty acids are essential building blocks all dogs and cats need for maintaining a balanced metabolism.

Scientific studies also show these fatty acids help maintain the immune system. Starting puppies and kittens out with a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is a great way to ensure proper nutrition that can contribute to a long and strong life.

Grizzly Salmon Oil supplies a daily supplement rich in EPA and DHA – the right omega-3 fatty acids. The recommended daily dose of Grizzly Salmon Oil yields approximately 500 to 2500 milligrams of these important fatty acids, depending on your pet’s weight.

When given to your dog as directed according to weight, Grizzly Salmon Oil delivers approximately 50-300 milligrams of linoleic acid, the essential omega-6 fatty acid. Other omega-6 fatty acids are present in only very small amounts. These naturally occurring acids are like a double-edged sword. On one hand, linoleic acid is essential for your pet because it cannot be produced by their own metabolism. Grizzly is a natural way to protect and support the health of your dog and cat!

Key Benefits
Suitable for both cats and dogs of all life stages (even though bottle states Dog Food Supplement)
Rich flavor dogs and cats love!
Supports general vitality!
Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA
Helps keep your dog or cat’s skin healthy
Healthy skin generally results in less itching and less shedding
Once opened, oil lasts 8-months if refrigerated, 4-months if not

Natural Salmon Oil

Recommended Usage
Body Weight               Pump Strokes

8-oz        16 & 32-oz

Up to 12.5 lbs           1               1/2

12.5 – 25 lbs           1-2               1

25 – 50 lbs              3-4              2

50 – 75 lbs              5-6              3

over 75 lbs              7-8              4

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